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About Us

Fat Jack’s history goes back to 1921 when the original Jack Serigne Sr. was born. Descendants from the Canary Islands, their main trade was trapping fur in Delacroix, LA. Even with twelve siblings, a good, hard work ethic was taught at a very young age to every one of them.

 When Jack Jr. was born, going to the Mardi Gras parades as a family was a good pastime. All the siblings and their families gathered together on Saint Charles St. in New Orleans known as “DAH Spot”. When the bands, flambeaux’s, and floats passed, the very large group of family members would start a chant by simultaneously yelling “Hey, hey, hey…” And soooo it started! As the kids grew into adults, the tradition continued.

Jack Serigne III was born into a family known for their hard work ethics and having a good ole’ fun time. Whether it was with all the family, fraternity or just strangers in the street a good time was always had. Wherever they went, their voices were heard as “Hey, hey, hey!” was yelled all around. “Hey, hey, hey” is whatever, whenever and wherever a good time is. When you would hear the chant, you knew something fun and exciting was going on and had to join in.

So Fat Jack’s Food & Spirits was established to not only bring you a large selection of beers and tasty food items, but to also bring you and exciting fun family atmosphere. With many people together hugging and cheering their sporting teams on to victory, the exciting tradition continues as they continue to yell “Hey, hey, hey!”  It’s always a good time at Fat Jacks!

Introducing the “Camellia City Club” an extension of Fat Jacks. For back room Bookings Inquiries call Fat Jacks 985-288-0909 or call Jimena Evans at 504-327-8213.

Thank You to all our friends, family and patrons for your endless support!